Westlake Remarketing Announces Top Auctions For Q1 2010

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – May 12, 2010 –Westlake Financial Services has named their top five auctions for Q1-2010.

They are:

Other company highlights Westlake would like Massachusetts dealers to know:

  1. Manheim Indianapolis
  2. Adesa Lexington
  3. Adesa San Antonio
  4. Kansas City Independent
  5. Manheim Metro Dallas

“We are extremely proud to be partners with these auctions,” says Ian Anderson, President of Westlake Financial. “Our Remarketing Department works with many auction houses across the country and these top five have consistently demonstrated excellence in both their operations and customer service.”

Bill Walters, Vice President of Remarketing, says Westlake’s first ever quarterly ranking of auction partners is the culmination of a year-long project. “There are 22 components that make up our overall score,” he explains. “Half of the components are objective and can be measured definitively. The other components are subjective, based on the post-sale feedback from our auction representatives.”

These scores were measured for each individual auction over the course of the quarter and then weighted using the department’s proprietary scoring model to come up with a final overall score for the first quarter of the year.

“We’ve spent the last year tabulating the scores and coming up with a formula that we feel accurately ranks the various auctions we partner with,” says Mr. Walters. “Our scoring model smoothes out regional differences in vehicle stock and book values. We’ve gotten very positive responses from our auction partners. They are happy to get the feedback.”

Mr. Anderson concludes by saying that Westlake will look into expanding the territories the top auctions cover, sending them more business in the coming months. “Our ultimate goal is to have strong partners with auctions and dealerships.”