Westlake Remarketing Releases Q2 Top Auctions List

LOS ANGELES, California – August 23, 2010 – Westlake Financial Services has named their top five auctions for Q2-2010. They are:

  • 1. Manheim Nevada
  • 2. Manheim Arizona
  • 3. Norwalk Auto Auction (California)
  • 4. Manheim Metro Dallas
  • 5. KCI Auto Auction (Missouri)

The list was compiled using Westlake Remarketing Department’s proprietary scoring model, made up of 22 quantitative and qualitative measures. Auction performance is ranked by sale and service metrics. Within the overall ranking, Manheim Nevada rated #1 for both sale quality and service effectiveness. Manheim AZ and Norwalk AA ranked second and third for sale performance while Pittsburgh Independent AA and Manheim Metro Dallas were #2 and #3 for service effectiveness. Bill Walters, VP of Remarketing, noted a marked improvement in sale results in the West. “Our Q2 results showed consistent strength across most Western markets. Returns lagged somewhat in the Midwest and East. Q1 sales in those markets were particularly strong and Q2 returns underperformed slightly.” “Special congratulations to the auctions that made it to the top of the list,” says Ian Anderson, President of Westlake Financial Services. “They have shown strong consistency in the face of a very tough economic recovery. Westlake is proud to do business with all of the auction houses we have relationships with.”