Westlake Announces 2010 Auction of the Year

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – February 1, 2011 – Westlake Financial Services announces Manheim Nevada as their Auction Partner of the Year for 2010. Bill Walters, VP of Remarketing, says that “Manheim Nevada has been a strong and consistent performer for us all year, topping our rankings for the second, third and fourth quarters. Dan Thomas, General Manager, and his team run a very strong operation and have done a great job for us. They embrace a team concept to provide excellent customer service no matter the size of the account.”

Westlake further recognizes Kansas City Independent as their overall second ranked auction, ABC Birmingham as top-ranked service auction, Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho as top auction for Westlake’s Loyalty program, Manheim St Pete as top Simulcast/Live Block auction, and Adesa San Antonio as top Dealer Block/OVE auction.

“Westlake appreciate the hard work of all these auction partners in making 2010 our most successful year and we look forward to continued improvement in 2011,” concludes Mr. Walters.

Manheim Nevada Auction received a commemorative Westlake plaque at a ceremony on Friday, January 28.

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