Westlake Credit Line with Wells Fargo Preferred Capital Increased to $200M

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – June 15, 2011 – Westlake Financial Services recently announced that their credit line with Wells Fargo Preferred Capital has increased from $100 million to $200 million dollars. This is in addition to Westlake’s existing $365 million facility with Wells Fargo Preferred Capital and three other banks.

Paul Kerwin, CFO for Westlake Financial Services, says the increased credit line is a reflection of the strong relationship between Westlake and Wells Fargo Preferred Capital. “Wells Fargo and Westlake have a long history together and we are fortunate to have their confidence in our business,” Kerwin says. “This increased credit line will enable us to continue on our path of aggressive growth and providing our dealer partners the tools and financial products needed to increase their own business.”

Westlake Financial Services is an affiliate of the Hankey Group of Companies. Wells Fargo has provided the Hankey Group with financial products and services for over 20 years.

To learn more about Westlake Financial, including markets served and financing products available, visit www.westlakefinancial.com.