Westlake Remarketing Releases Q3 – 2011 Top Auctions List

LOS ANGELES, California – November 6, 2011 – Westlake Financial Services has named their top auctions for Q3-2011. They are:

  • Top Overall Auction and Most Improved Auction: Kansas City Independent
  • Top Service Auction: Manheim St. Pete
  • Top Loyalty Sales Auction: Dealers Auto Auction Idaho

Bill Walters, VP of Remarketing, says that “Auction values continue to be strong at most sales with a bias toward our western markets. Westlake’s continued growth is expanding our presence in new markets and increasing volume in existing ones.”

Mr. Walters goes on to say, “We are pleased to name Kansas City Independent as our Top Overall Auction and Most Improved Auction for the third quarter. KCI had a standout quarter in Sale and Service measures. They finished near the top in almost all sale categories.”

Steve Gunsberger, Regional Auction Rep, noted the great job KCI does in highlighting Westlake’s account, and their focus on service and marketing as contributing to their strong results.

Manheim St. Pete took the Top Service Auction honors for the quarter. Dirk Grammel, Regional Auction Rep, commented, “St. Pete has always treated us like their most important client. They’ve refocused on meeting our service needs especially in sale prep, sale day operations, marketing and OVE sales.”

Mr. Walters adds that “especially noteworthy has been Manheim St. Pete’s approval rate on our ‘Buy With Confidence’ program and usually strong on-line sales performance.”

For the third straight quarter, Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho topped the list for participation in Westlake’s Dealer Loyalty Program. “DAA of Idaho does a great job bringing out our dealer base. An outstanding two out of three total sales qualified for the program. Our marketing initiative partnership has been a great success,” says Brad Hall, Regional Auction Rep.

“A big congratulations to our Q3 Top Auction partners,” adds Westlake President Ian Anderson. “2011 has been a great year for our Remarketing Department and that had a lot to do with the relationships built with the auctions. A special thank you to Kansas City Independent for turning around performance and not only earning ‘Most Improved’ but also our ‘Top Overall Auction’ award. 2012 is certainly looking bright!”

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