Westlake Partner Releases Major Update to DealerCenter Website

LOS ANGELES, California — December 19, 2012 – Westlake Financial Services, a full spectrum auto finance company, announces a major update to the DealerCenter (www.dealercenter.net)website. DealerCenter is operated by Nowcom Corporation, Westlake’s sister company under the Hankey Investment Group umbrella. DealerCenter is the business portal that houses Westlake’s proprietary Buy Program® software as part of a full-fledged online DMS solution.

“When you are the number one lender with used car dealers, you have to listen to dealers’ feedback and suggestions,” says David Goff, Director of Marketing. “After extensive roundtables and testing, we are excited to introduce a website that not only looks new and fresh, but also incorporates new features that will make it easier for dealerships to do more deals and make more money.”

New key features include:

  • New Graphical Interface
    • “DealerCenter’s new front page features an innovative and active new panel dashboard,” Mr. Goff explains. “The active-tile-based interface mirrors the ease and simplicity of Windows 8. The new DealerCenter is simple, clean, and modern and we are confident that dealers will love it.” With a single mouse click, dealers can track their funding notices, contracts in transit, turned down deals, and pending deals from their home page. They can also manage their inventory, repurchase demands and outstanding titles.
  • Profit Matrix™
    • The new Profit Matrix™ is housed within Westlake’s Buy Program® inside DealerCenter. After running a customer’s credit, the dealer will receive up to nine approvals across all of Westlake’s programs, allowing the dealers to select the deal structure that works best for them and the customer. The results are presented in an easy-to-read matrix.
  • “Auto Structure All” Filtering
    • A popular feature gets even better: “Auto Structure All” highlights the vehicles within a dealer’s inventory that will provide the maximum profit per deal. With the new DealerCenter, dealers can now filter what type of vehicle a customer is looking for and approve that one customer on multiple vehicles on the lot with one click of a button.
  • Promotion Redemption
    • Dealers can now redeem coupons and promotions they have earned on the deals they are working in the system, giving them accurate final deal numbers
  • Enhanced Deal Tracking
    • Dealers can now track their deals currently submitted to Westlake in real time. “This was a popular request,” Mr. Goff explained. “Dealers can now communicate directly with the Westlake originations team to provide updated deal docs and resolve funding delays. This will help increase the funding time on each deal.”

“This list is just the tip of the iceberg,” Mr. Goff concludes. “Current dealers will appreciate the new features; and for those curious about Westlake and DealerCenter but have never made the jump – now is a great time to take DealerCenter out for a free test drive.”

To learn more about the new DealerCenter website, view this short video: http://tinyurl.com/bsg3r4aor visit www.westlakefinancial.com.