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Get Your Auto Loan Now
Get Your Auto Loan Now
Have you been turned down for an auto Loan by other banks and finance companies because you have bad credit?

Westlake Financial Services is the most reputable auto loan lender for people with bad credit, no credit, or blemished credit. In fact more dealers every month use Westlake Financial Services for their auto finance needs than any other bank or finance company. Through our 16,000+ dealer network, Westlake Financial will work with you to find the vehicle you want at a fair rate regardless of your past credit history.

  • Bad Credit – APPROVED
  • New or No Credit History – APPROVED
  • Slightly Blemished Credit – APPROVED
  • Good Credit - APPROVED
  • Low Income – APPROVED
  • Disability Income – APPROVED
  • Hard-to-Prove Incomes – APPROVED
  • Previous Vehicle Repossessions – APPROVED
  • Previous Bankruptcy - APPROVED
  • Open Bankruptcy – APPROVED
Applying for a car loan with Westlake Financial Services is easy. Simply email WSLS@westlakefinancial.com or call (877) 285-6971. Once submitted, a professional Westlake Financial Service representative will contact you to walk you through the quick and painless process.
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