Executive Team

Don Hankey

Chairman of the Board

Bret Hankey

President of Hankey Group and Vice Chairman of Westlake Financial Services

Phone: (323) 692-4053
[email protected]

Ian Anderson

Group President

Phone : (323) 692-8851
[email protected]

Paul Kerwin

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (323) 692-7070
[email protected]

Mark Vazquez

SVP of Sales & Marketing

Phone: (323) 692-7016
[email protected]

Robert Engilman

SVP/Chief Compliance Officer

Phone: (323) 801-7210
[email protected]

Chris Urban

SVP of Risk Management

Phone: (323) 692-8892
[email protected]

Brian Renfro

SVP of Servicing

Phone: (323) 900-2449
[email protected]

Kyle Dietrich

SVP of Originations

Phone: (323) 973-7537
[email protected]

Jim Murray

President of Western Funding

Phone: (734) 306-3843
[email protected]

Tonia Douglas

VP of Human Resource

Phone: (323) 900-3946
[email protected]

Michael Wang

VP of IT Technology

Phone: (323) 315-7893
[email protected]

Tim Taylor

VP of Accounting & Corporate Controller.

Phone: (323) 692-8870
[email protected]

Bill Walters

VP of Remarketing


Phone: (323) 692-4039
[email protected]

William Hubbell

VP of Dealer Originations


Phone: (323) 801-7255

John Mason

VP of Operations


Phone: (323) 801-7117
[email protected]

Ralph Ontiveros

VP of WSLS, Westlake Direct, LLC. & GlobalTrack GPS, LLC.

Phone: (323) 692-8821

David Goff

VP of Marketing


Phone: (323) 692-8992
[email protected]

Todd Laruffa



Phone: (323) 900-3293
[email protected]

Sean Morgan

VP of Finance

Phone: (323) 900-3371
[email protected]

Abe Tukhi

VP of Internal Sales and Dealer Operations

Phone: (323) 692-8493
[email protected]

Jim Eyraud


Phone: (323) 692-8585
[email protected]

Jonathan Zhan

SVP of Westlake Flooring Company – Westlake Financial

Phone: (323) 837-5827
[email protected]

Amber Hahn

VP of Operations & GM – Western Funding, Inc.

Phone: (702) 322-9882
[email protected]

Ken Sopp

General Manager and Chairman of CULA

Phone: (323) 692-8575
[email protected]