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Westlake is more than just an indirect auto finance lender! We strive to provide dealers with the solutions they need to be successful in every aspect of their business. Want more access to pre-qualified leads? With the Westlake Lead Program and Nowcom’s CarZing website, approved and potential customers will be falling into your lap. Got too much on your plate? Hand off some responsibilities with 3rd Party Servicing by Westlake Portfolio Management. We can handle all your back-end operations so you don’t have to! Additionally, through strategic partnerships, we also offer insurance products so you can add value to your vehicles and offer protection options to your customers. Westlake has an extensive range of services that covers your business needs.
















Westlake Services & Lending Solutions

Westlake Services & Lending Solutions

You want to sell more vehicles every month. We understand and want to help. Westlake’s Dealer Lead Program provides qualified customers who are actively searching for a new vehicle as free leads to the dealership.

To participate in the program, please download and fill out the Westlake Lead Program Agreement. You can submit your completed agreement to Westlake Services & Lending Solutions via fax at 855-884-5583 or email at [email protected].

To find out more, contact Westlake Services & Lending Solutions at (877) 285-6971 or email [email protected].

Secure One®

In a perfect world, everything would be, well, perfect. But let’s face it…things happen. Cars don’t start, timing chains break, and water pumps stop working. Secure One® can help give peace of mind to your customers.

Benefits include:

  • Adjustable pricing now available, based on max allowable by product (Titanium, Platinum, Gold & Standard)
  • Automatic activation upon funding
  • SecureOne® is administered by Marathon Administrative or AUL Corp., depending on the state in which the protection is offered
  • Coverage options: Powertrain or Advantage
  • Terms: 12 months or 12,000 miles (or) 24 months or 24,000 miles
  • 24 hour roadside assistance included
  • Offered on all products

View Secure One Dealer Overview – AUL ›
View Secure One Overview – Marathon ›

If you would like more information, feel free to contact SecureOne at 844.441.2879
*Restrictions on Secure One availability and coverages may vary per state

GAP Waivers

Your customer’s comprehensive and collision insurance won’t always cover all costs. But, then what? Customers are left with an expensive bill. GAP offers benefits for both you, the dealer, AND your customers! When dealers sell a Westlake GAP waiver on Westlake deals, dealers will receive an incentive for their effort. Your customers will be able to rest easy knowing that, in the event of a total loss accident or theft, GAP waivers cover the gap between the amount a customer’s comprehensive insurer pays the customer and the amount owed to your customer’s finance company. A one-time premium covers the duration of the finance contract.


Call us at 888.333.8198 or email [email protected] with any questions.
*Restrictions on GAP availability may vary by state.


You need vehicles for your lot, and Westlake’s got them. From late model, low mileage vehicles to standard used car inventory, Westlake vehicles are sold through auctions nationwide. Not only can you find vehicles you need, dealers can also get guaranteed quality and money back when they purchase a Westlake car.


  • National relationships with all major auction groups
  • Certification program highlights sale ready inventory, which has the inventory you need
  • Whatever and wherever you’re looking to buy, Westlake’s got you covered (from late model and low mileage vehicles to standard used car inventory)



  • Westlake Financial dealers earn coupons* when they purchase Westlake Remarketing vehicles.
  • $250 coupon earned with each Westlake Remarketing vehicle purchased
  • Redeem towards Westlake deal fee on any Westlake deal

*Subject to program discount restrictions

Certification program gives dealers peace of mind knowing they are buying a quality vehicle with a drivetrain guarantee, comprehensive mechanical inspection and test driven before sale at auction.  Westlake offers a, 7-Day “Buy With Confidence” guarantee.

  • 7-Day Guarantee: Available on late-model vehicles with less than 125k miles, No frame.

Questions? Contact Westlake Remarketing at 855.245.8048


3rd Party Servicing

Westlake Portfolio Management (WPM) offers finance companies, private investors, dealerships, and auto loan holders superior servicing solutions to help grow their business through industry leading expertise combined with the latest technology. WPM acts as an extension of your business by handling all back-end operations including:

  • Customer Service
  • Collections
  • Titles Administration
  • Repossessions
  • Remarketing

WPM, and its parent company Westlake Financial Services, have 30 years of experience and the lowest DQ in subprime auto by utilizing the latest call technology, advanced speech analytics, and in-depth reporting. We have the infrastructure to support medium to large scale portfolios.

Portfolio Acquisitions

A Bulk Portfolio transaction is commonly used in the Buy Here, Pay Here Industry as a primary method of generating operating capital. Many dealers experience a cash flow shortage as they sell more inventory, especially during tax season.  Selling all or a part of your Buy Here, Pay Here portfolio can be a solution to help inject cash into your business. Additionally, selling your accounts will allow you to profit quicker while reducing your portfolio exposure.

Guaranteed money today is more valuable than potential money tomorrow!  Westlake Portfolio Management’s Bulk Portfolio Purchasing is committed to structure each purchase around your specific needs. Whether you are looking to sell a small pool or sell your entire portfolio, a sales consultant will be able to structure a deal that best fits your needs.  At Westlake, all representatives strive to achieve three key principals on each and every deal: Best Price, Great Service, Quick Funding.

  • Instant Cash Flow
    Capital for dealership expansion and upgrades
    Capital to re-stock inventory quickly
  • Focus On YOUR Business
    Eliminate collections and servicing issues
    Focus on selling cars, not collecting payments
    Capital for stability during seasonal business trends
  • Reduce your portfolio risk and guarantee cash flow upon sale

Contact WPM at 877.854.5688 for any additional questions.


With, dealers can put their inventory in front of car buyers with lender prequalifications! Promote your dealership’s inventory in front of a growing audience. Buyers lock-in on the car of their choice, get lender prequalification, and even have the ability to print a voucher to seal the deal. Dealers receive leads directly in their preferred CRM or DMS. Unlike other competitors, utilizing CarZing is completely free. Visit for more information on how you can better promote your inventory.


Questions? Call us at 855.893.9464

Email us at [email protected]

GlobalTrack GPS

Global Track GPS devices were built as a tool to help monitor customer behavior*. Let GlobalTrack GPS help you, your customers, and in-turn your bottom line. You can access information on every device within your portfolio through the device locating site. The GlobalTrack GPS platform is scalable to your business needs, whether you have 10 units or 10,000, this device will be able to provide you with the ability to maximize your market share. With real time access to dependable information and mobile device compatibility, you can decrease risk, increase collections by as much as 4 times and reduce repossessions by 15%. Using real time tools within the system can allow you to:

  • Automatically alert drivers when they are delinquent
  • Automatically get alerts if the vehicle leaves a defined area or state
  • Automatic 24 hour location updates allowing you to see a history
  • Critical alerts, informing you if the unit has been tampered with
  • Remotely disable vehicles when delinquent
  • Locate a vehicle for recovery
  • Re-activate vehicles after payment has been made

To learn more about GlobalTrack GPS, please visit or give us a call at 877.508.8444.

*Restrictions on use of GPS system as part of your sale may vary per state.



LoJack ® SureDrive™ can increase dealer’s profits and offer customer’s peace of mind. With the increase of auto theft, your customers will appreciate the peace of mind that SureDrive™ offers. Within the palm of a hand, customers can know where their car is, if their loved ones are driving safely or when they arrive at their destination. Add value to your vehicles with the security and protection capabilities. By building a stronger more trusted relationship with your customer, dealers can improve retention.

Learn more about how SureDrive™ can build a stronger relationship with your customer at or give us a call at 877.508.8444.

LoJack, the LoJack logo and SureDrive are trademarks or registered trademarks of CalAmp and its subsidiaries in the United States and certain other countries.


The SureDrive telematics device installed in your vehicle can send helpful information to your SureDrive app.


SureDrive can give you the insights to make your day easier right in the palm of your hand


Peace of Mind
Knowing that your loved ones arrived at their destination is just a tap away

Benefits of Westlake

  • 24/7/365 Instant Approvals
  • Financing options for all FICO tiers from 0-Prime
  • No minimum income, job time or residence time required
  • Previous bankruptcies and non-Westlake repossessions OK
  • We accept difficult-to-prove incomes!

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