The Ally Pass-Through Program


Ally has partnered with Westlake Financial Services to ensure your deals gets funded.  The passthrough program starts with Ally and utilizes Westlake Financial Services to increase the probability of your deals being funded.  On the right hand side of the page you will see the top 10 Ally dealers in the nation.  This is based off of application volume and number of deals funded.  Below are sample deals that have been funded though the program.

Download the Rate Sheet

Here are some recently approved Ally Pass-Through Deals.

Deal 1 Highlights:

  • Low down payment
  • 2% dealer participation on the buy rate
  • 72-month term
  • Max backend available – GAP & Warranty
  • Near-prime FICO customer

Top 10 Ally Dealers in the Nation

Deal 2 Highlights:

  • High LTV
  • Max backend available – GAP & Warranty
  • Vehicle over 10 years old
  • Vehicle has over 100K miles
  • Low Lender Fee
  • SubPrime FICO customer