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How It Works

Get prequalified with no impact to your credit score

Our application only takes a few minutes. We’ll ask a few questions about yourself and shortly after, you will have access to personalized financing terms.

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Find vehicles that fit your budget and price range. Search by desired monthly payment, vehicle price, body type and more. 

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Print your offer summary, take it to a participating dealership, and complete the final paperwork to drive your new car home!

Why Prequalify for An Auto Loan?

Save Time

Car buyers spend at least 3.6 hours completing a deal at a dealership. Why?

Because narrowing down a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and budget and then negotiating with dealerships on the best price can be time consuming. However, when you prequalify ahead online with Westlake, you could potentially cut down the amount of time it would normally take during the car-buying process when you plan ahead. 

Save Time

A prequalification can give you a better idea of how much you can afford to borrow and how much your monthly payments will be, before having to step inside a dealership and with no impact to your credit score.

Having these numbers in mind could make it easier to shop for cars and could increase your negotiating power when you’re ready to make the purchase.

No Obligation

When you prequalify for auto financing with Westlake, there’s never any fees or obligation to apply for financing with us. 

Let’s help you get started on a hassle-free path to your next car loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions.

The prequalification process for financing does NOT affect your credit score. A prequalification runs a “soft inquiry” which gives us the ability to look at your credit without affecting it. However, in most cases when applying for an auto loan at the dealership a “hard inquiry” is ran, which will impact your credit.

To get your prequalification you’ll need to submit some basic info such as your full name, date of birth, phone number, as well as your monthly income and expenses. No social security number is required.

In many cases! At Westlake, we pride ourselves in helping people with various credit scores prequalify for auto financing.

A co-signer tends to be beneficial when their credit profile is better than yours. Otherwise, there’s not much of a chance that it will help you get better terms on your prequalification.

No! We prequalify all different types of cars, but we have partnerships with a number of used car dealerships nationwide.

After you become prequalified, we recommend you browse through our vehicle listing pages to find the perfect vehicle that fits your financing needs. Once you find a vehicle, you can further customize your down payment and term length options.

After you’ve been prequalified and found a vehicle that fits within your budget, it’s now time to head to the specified dealership on your pre-qualification voucher. Make sure to print out your prequalification form and the dealership should be able to help you get a great deal on your new car.

After completing your prequalification, we’ll provide you with a list of relevant paperwork that you’ll need before heading into the dealership. These are usually documents that are needed to prove your income, residence, or identity.