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Certified Auction Partner Incentive Program

As part of the Certified Auction Partner (CAP) Incentive Program you get paid for referring dealerships to Westlake Financial, Westlake Flooring, and DealerCenter! Take a look below at some of the benefits available to you as well as the dealerships you refer.

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Benefits for Dealerships

Benefits include: 

  • Rates as low as 5%
  • Waived term fees and customizable term lengths
  • $250 coupon from Westlake Remarketing when buying a Westlake repossessed vehicle
  • Up to 50% off Westlake lender fees when flooring and financing a vehicle through Westlake
  • Dealers new to Westlake may be granted a 3T float for the first 3 months
  • Dealers new to the industry** are elegible for the DealerCenter New Dealer Bundle

Refer dealerships to Westlake Flooring

Earn more for every application, activation, and more


per filled out application


for each dealer that turns into an activation


for each unit floored by dealers you signed up


for each unit floored & financed by Westlake

For additional payouts

As your dealer sign-ups increase their number of floored units Month-over-Month, you receive additional payouts!


for a 25%* increase over previous month


for a 40%* increase over previous month


for a 60%* increase over previous month

Even more incentives

On top of incentives from Westlake Flooring, you can earn more when you sign dealerships up with Westlake Financial or DealerCenter!


when you sign a dealership up with Westlake Financial

Westlake Financial provides a full spectrum of competitive financing options, which allow dealers to accommodate customers of all credit levels. Dealers can receive fast approvals at any time with 100% automated credit decisions, plus fast funding by eContracting any deal in the system.


when you sign a dealership up with DealerCenter

DealerCenter’s industry leading technology combines all the tools a dealership needs into a single platform. Dealers new to the industry can sign up for the $99 New Dealer Bundle, which includes:

  • Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Online Ad Posting
  • Custom Dealer Website
  • Mobile App

For an auction to participate in this program, you must be pre-qualified. You can sign up with your Westlake Flooring Sales Rep or Westlake Financial Account Manager. All incentives and payouts are based on dealerships you refer to Westlake Financial, Westlake Flooring, or DealerCenter as part of the CAP program. CAP program payments are sent to the auction by check the subsequent month. Flooring credit applications will be provided to be filled out in paper. Flooring activation occurs when a dealer qualifies, signs up, and receives a Westlake Flooring Line of Credit. *Prior month units floored must be at least 5 units. **New dealers defined as a dealership who has received a dealer license within the last 6 months. For more questions, contact your Westlake Flooring Sales Rep or Westlake Account Manager.