Commercial Vehicles Program - Westlake Financial

Commercial Vehicle Program

We all played with Big Rigs and Dump Trucks as kids, now we're financing them!

That's right! Westlake Financial finances Commercial Vehicles nationwide.

Program Highlights

  • Eligible vehicles range from Box Trucks to Big Rigs
  • Max Amount Financed from $25,000 to $65,000 depending on vehicle type
  • Max Terms from 36 to 72 months depending on mileage
  • Minimal Stip Requirements


  • Commercial Vehicle deals are not commercial loans.
    • Individual consumers are eligible to finance commercial units, business entities are not.
  • Buy Program must include “Approved Commercial Vehicle” statement
  • GAP and Service Contracts cannot be financed as part of the Commercial Vehicle loan
  • Commercial Vehicles cannot be operated outside of the United States

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How to Submit

Commercial Vehicle loans must indicate that the vehicle is a commercial vehicle under the Vehicle Brand drop down.  The vehicle brand drop-down menu is available in DealerCenter and on Westlake’s Rehash page.

Dealers who submit applications using DealerTrack, RouteOne, or CUDL must rehash their approval to add the “Commercial Vehicle” tag.  This can be done by editing the vehicle under the vehicle tab.  Use the “Title Brand” drop-down and select “Commercial Vehicle” then click save.

When successful, All commercial vehicle deals will show a hint to indicate that the deal qualifies: “Approved Commercial Vehicle”. If this message is missing from the hint, the vehicle does not qualify for the commercial vehicle program.