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Westlake offers you access to a variety of finance options, making it easy for you to get the loan you need. From Auto Finance options through our network of dealerships, to equity loans through our sister company and refinancing your auto loan with us, Westlake is the place to go when you are in need of a loan. Whether you have bad credit, no credit, or blemished credit, we can help. Get more information and learn how we can finance your loan today!


If you are looking for a new car, we’re here to help! Through our 30,000+ dealer network, Westlake Financial Services will work with you to find the vehicle you want at a fair rate regardless of your past credit history.

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Get access to a variety of equity loans that can help you get cash in your hands quickly. Use the equity in your car and get cash now!

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Westlake provides access to title loan refinance options that may help you lower your current car title loan payment and rate.

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Through a network of over 30,000 dealerships, we are confident that we have a professional and helpful dealer partner close to you that may help get you in a car regardless of your credit history!
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