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Looking to grow your business? Westlake Financial offers more than indirect auto financing. Our companies are here to help the dealer take their business to the next level. Whether it be floor plan financing, business lines of credit, or commercial real estate loans, dealers can rely on the Westlake companies to provide top notch solutions.









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Take your dealership to the next level with these finance solutions.

Floor Plan Financing

Attract more customers and sell more cars with a Westlake Flooring line. Backed by one of the top lenders in the country, interest rates can be reduced up to 5% off your flooring line of credit when net funding with Westlake Flooring and Westlake Financial. Dealers can also get additional remarketing and finance rebates valued up to $250!

Having the right vehicle mix helps you attract more customers and sell more cars. Westlake Flooring Services offers industry best rates for dealers looking for a flooring line of credit. Also, Westlake dealers enjoy additional benefits like lower rates, waived term fees, and RIC deal discounts when they combine inventory financing with consumer financing.

Questions? Contact us at 855-493-7357.

Reduced Fees

  • Ability to reduce interest rates for the entire flooring line of credit when combining Westlake Flooring, Westlake Financial and/or Western Funding
  • Waived term fees and customizable term lengths
  • Up to 50% off Westlake lender fees when flooring and financing a vehicle through Westlake

Effortless Funding and Titling

  • Get Funds Faster
  • No Title Management when you Finance through Westlake
  • Fast activation with credit lines ranging from $50,000 and up
  • Finance 100% of purchase at auction, including auction, PSI and transport fees
  • Pay off your existing flooring line

Powerful Partnerships

  • Floor at Adesa, Manheim, Copart, IAA and many other major auctions
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Credit Lines

Get access to more money and increase the flexibility you need to grow your business! Receive industry-leading interest rates and specifically designed credit lines for your business needs. With a credit line through Westlake Capital Finance, you may be able to save 50% on monthly credit line payments and immediately access cash from your portfolio.

Get out of that money crunch and no longer feel like you can’t afford to grow your business. Increase the flexibility you need by increasing your cash flow! You will be able to immediately access cash from your portfolio and have complete control over your bank account. Westlake Capital Finance credit lines are specifically designed for each customer’s unique business needs. Whether you are an established finance company, a smaller finance company or a Buy Here-Pay Here Dealer, we can customize our program for you.  Our credit lines start at $4 Million with interest and advance rates that vary by deal.

Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 877.693.8636 to learn more about how Westlake Capital Finance can give you the flexibility you need with Credit Lines.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Build the business of your dreams with commercial real estate loans. Avoid the unpredictability of leasing by buying, refinancing or building your own real estate. We offer flexible terms from one to five years to best suit your business needs.

Business is booming and you’re looking to grow. Don’t tie up your money in expansion. Westlake Capital Finance provides auto dealers with commercial real estate loans for new property purchases, renovations, and lease buy-outs. We can offer flexible terms tailored to suit your business’ needs.

Program Highlights

  • Real estate loans starting at $800,000
  • Revolving lines of credit starting at $500,000
  • 1-5 year terms
  • Competitive rates
  • Quick Funding

Contact us at 888.682.0166 to learn more about how Westlake Capital Finance can help you build the business of your dreams.

Portfolio Purchasing

A Bulk Portfolio transaction is commonly used in the Buy Here, Pay Here Industry as a primary method of generating operating capital. Many dealers experience a cash flow shortage as they sell more inventory, especially during tax season.  Selling all or a part of your Buy Here, Pay Here portfolio can be a solution to help inject cash into your business. Additionally, selling your accounts will allow you to profit quicker while reducing your portfolio exposure.

Guaranteed money today is more valuable than potential money tomorrow!  Westlake’s Bulk Portfolio Purchasing is committed to structuring each purchase around your specific needs. Whether you are looking to sell a small pool or sell your entire portfolio, a sales consultant will be able to structure a deal that best fits your needs.  At Westlake, all representatives strive to achieve three key principles on each and every deal: Best Price, Great Service, Quick Funding.

Contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 877.693.8636 to learn more.

  • Instant Cash Flow
    ◦ Capital for dealership expansion and upgrades
    ◦ Capital to re-stock inventory quickly
  • Focus On YOUR Business
    ◦ Eliminate collections and servicing issues
    ◦ Focus on selling cars, not collecting payments
    ◦ Capital for stability during seasonal business trends
  • Reduce your portfolio risk and guarantee cash flow upon sale