Credit Lines

Westlake Capital Finance (WCF) Credit Lines give you the flexibility you need by increasing your cash flow.

Get access to more money and get the flexibility you need to grow your business! Receive industry-leading interest rates and specifically designed credit lines for your business needs. With a credit line through Westlake Capital Finance, you may be able to:

  • Save 50% on monthly credit line payments.
  • Immediately access cash from your portfolio.
  • Refinance your current credit lines.

Contact us by email at [email protected] by phone at 877.693.8636 to learn more about how Westlake Capital Finance can give you the flexibility you need with Credit Lines.


Getting a credit line for your dealership has never been easier! There are only a few simple requirements before you can get started:

  • Only available to auto dealers and related finance companies
  • Dealers must have a minimum portfolio size of $2 million
  • Lines of credit start at $2 million

Get the flexibility you need by increasing your cash flow!

You will be able to immediately access cash from your portfolio and have complete control over your bank account. WCF credit lines are specifically designed for each customer’s unique business needs. Whether you are an established finance company, a smaller finance company or a Buy Here-Pay Here Dealer, we can customize our program for you.

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