Westlake Financial Customers See Jump in FICO Score

Los Angeles, CA. July 21, 2015 – Westlake Financial Services, a full spectrum auto finance company, has been recognized by Equifax as the national auto lender whose customers see the highest credit score increase over the term of their loan. This was a follow up to a white paper Equifax released extolling the significant benefits that subprime customers receive when they got a second chance by successfully paying their auto loan. To read the Equifax White Paper, Click Here. According to Equifax research data, when comparing a national sample of 125K customers with auto loans originated in the 2014 calendar year, Westlake Financial Services customers see the highest average credit score increase over the term of their loan. “We focus on a loan structure that works long term for the customer, which helps increase their credit rating as payments are made over time,” stated Ian Anderson, Group President of Westlake Financial Services. “Westlake strives to make our customers’ lives better. By helping our borrowers increase their credit scores, we make it easier for them to qualify for loans and purchases in the future.” “Westlake’s interest in our original article prompted us to examine, at a lender level, where the improvements of subprime customers graduating to near-prime and prime standing was the greatest,” states Lou Loquasto, Vice President of Auto Finance at Equifax. “Westlake and other subprime lenders like them should be lauded for giving the right customers the right loan, and for enabling them to get back on their feet.” Individuals interested in receiving Westlake financing can go to www.westlakefinancial.com to see what Westlake dealerships are in their area or can learn more information by calling 1-888-739-9192.