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Additional Financing Options

Secured Loans

We make it easy for you to get cash in your pocket. We know how unpredictable life can be, and our affiliate, Loan Center, can help when you need it most. With our accessible title loans, in certain states, you can get quick cash in your pocket by using your vehicle as collateral. LoanCenter believes that past mistakes should not determine the rest of your financial life. A car title loan, motorcycle loan, or RV title loan can put needed cash in your pocket rapidly. Let one of our trustworthy lenders find the right loan for you.

Title Loans


Motorcycle Loans


RV Loans


Auto Refinance

Do you have an auto loan with another company with a high interest rate or high monthly payment? If so, visit our affiliate, LoanCenter, to refinance your non-Westlake Financial auto loan. Customers who refinance their auto loan can save money by lowering their monthly payments, lowering their APRs, or sometimes both.
The refinance process is quick, easy, safe, and secure. Don’t wait any longer; refinancing your auto loan is the smart decision. Pay less by visiting today or calling 888.960.7678.
**Note: We do not offer refinancing of existing Westlake Financial, Western Funding, or Wilshire Consumer Credit loans.


  • Save money with a lower monthly payment, APR, or both
  • Fast, safe, and secure process
  • No pre-payment penalties