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Three Industry Leading Brands, One Amazing Incentive!

Westlake, NextGear Capital, and DealerCenter have teamed up to offer dealers the opportunity to reduce their flooring costs when you use NextGear Capital Floor Plan and Westlake Retail Financing.

  • Dealers will earn $100 on each customer financed through Westlake on qualifying vehicles floored by NextGear Capital.*
  • Earn $500 on every 5th qualifying vehicle.*
  • Plus get a Free Website from DealerCenter for 6 months ($450 Value)**

Westlake Financial Services is a full-spectrum retail finance solution that offers competitive retail financing options for subprime to prime credit customers regardless of vehicle age or mileage. With rates as low as 2.99% and terms up to 72 months, Westlake offers instant approvals through DealerCenter, Dealertrack, Route One or CUDL with no minimum amount financed requirements, income, job or residence time.

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NextGear Capital provides flexible lines of credit that enable dealers to buy vehicles from over 1,000 inventory sources. Floor planning allows dealers to acquire more inventory versus buying with cash, which means more buying options for consumers – leading to quicker turns. NextGear Capital’s comprehensive services support dealers through self-service management tools, title services and records management.

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DealerCenter’s software allows dealers to manage their entire operation from just one platform which includes a full-feature Dealer Management System (DMS), Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), credit reports and compliance management, inventory management, hosted dealer websites, digital marketing management and much more built into one solution.

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*Certain conditions apply. All rights reserved. Incentive opportunity will continue through December 31, 2018 and will be available only to Eligible Dealers located in Texas and Georgia and only for Qualifying Vehicles. An Eligible Dealer is a dealer contracted with both NextGear Capital and Westlake Financial and in good standing with both companies at all times. A Qualifying Vehicle is a vehicle floor plan financed with NextGear Capital by the Eligible Dealer and the resulting retail installment contract for such vehicle must be purchased by Westlake Financial, all before close of business on December 31, 2018.  No exceptions. For each Qualifying Vehicle, the Eligible Dealer will receive an incentive in the amount of $100, which incentive will increase to $500 for each fifth Qualifying Vehicle submitted by an Eligible Dealer in a given calendar month.  Limit one incentive per Qualifying Vehicle. Limit 20 incentives per calendar month per Eligible Dealer. The maximum incentive opportunity for each Eligible Dealer in a given calendar month is $3,600.  All incentives will be processed by Westlake Financial and NextGear Capital in the calendar month following the calendar month in which the incentive accrued.  All earned incentives will be deposited in the Eligible Dealer’s Unapplied Funds account with NextGear Capital and only after NextGear Capital receives from Westlake Financial the portion of the incentive funded by Westlake Financial. Void where prohibited by law. NextGear Capital and Westlake Financial reserve the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time, without notice. Please contact your local NextGear Capital or Westlake Financial representative for complete details. **Free DealerCenter website only available to new DealerCenter dealers or existing DealerCenter dealers in good standing without a current website subscription. Free DealerCenter website only available for six months. Please contact your local DealerCenter representative for complete details.