Branded Title/Vehicle Program

Dealers can now offer financing to customers even when a branded title/vehicle is involved!1

Westlake Financial’s Branded Title/Vehicle program provides dealers a competitive loan offering for those customers interested in a branded vehicle. The program offers:


Vehicles labeled as salvage, junk, rebuilt, water damage, storm damage, flood, hail damage, lemon or crash test vehicle are all eligible for the branded title/vehicle program.


  • APRs as low as 3.99%
  • Loan terms up to 72 months
  • Dealer Fees as low as $0
  • Down payments as low as $0
  • Fast Funding with E-Contracting²

Copart members can receive a coupon of up to $500!

Dealers that are Copart Members will receive a coupon of up to $500 when they open an account with Westlake. This coupon can be used to discount the lender fees of their first Westlake finance contract

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A branded title for a vehicle indicates that the vehicle’s title has been officially designated by a state agency as such. The definition of branded title, however, varies in each state.  Please contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles for more information.

A branded title usually means that a vehicle has sustained damage at some point, which caused the title to be changed from “Clean” to “Branded”.  However, a brand does not define the quality of the vehicle. For example: in the case that a vehicle is involved in an accident and sustains significant damage, it may be considered totaled but then gets completely repaired. Regardless of the improved condition after the incident, the title is permanently branded.

¹Branded Title/Vehicle Program is live in all states excluding New York, Massachusetts, and Puerto Rico.
²Depending on branded title/vehicle, additional printed forms may be required. Contact your rep for additional details.   

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BMW Dealer Homepage

Benefits of Westlake

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  • Financing options for all FICO tiers from 0-Prime
  • No minimum income, job time or residence time required
  • Previous bankruptcies and non-Westlake repossessions OK
  • We accept difficult-to-prove incomes!

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