Buy Program™

Whether you are an independent or franchise dealer, Westlake is the leading full-spectrum lender that can help your dealership increase your bottom line. Westlake’s innovative Buy Program™ gives dealers unprecedented control.

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Standard Program

Westlake’s Standard Program gives dealers the ability to approve those hard-to-finance customers. Due to the programs approval flexibility, dealers rely on this program as the backbone to their first time buyer and sub-prime finance business.

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Gold Program

Westlake’s Gold Program allows dealers to provide aggressive financing options to customers with established credit history, regardless of vehicle mileage or age. The Gold Program offers loan terms up to 72 months, APRs as low as 9.99%, low dealer fees and dealer participation.

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Platinum Program

Dealers enjoy the approval flexibility of Westlake’s Platinum Program when working with higher FICO customers. The Platinum Program allows dealers to be competitive with the big banks for near-prime and prime credit customers. Competitive rates, up to 2% dealer participation, and low dealer fees are key highlights of the Platinum Program.

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Provide aggressive financing options to prime customers who walk into the dealership lot through the Titanium Program. Dealers enjoy having the ability to offer rates as low as 2.99% with up to 2% dealer participation.

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