Buy Program™

Once a dealer joins Westlake, they gain access to the powerful Buy Program™.

Westlake’s Buy Program™ gives dealerships a level of control not found anywhere else. Dealers are given the ability to enter the customer’s information directly into the Buy Program along with vehicle information and immediately be provided an approval within seconds. Furthermore, dealers can adjust car price, loan terms, and down payment to better fit the needs of both the customer and dealer.

Westlake’s Dealer Services:

  • With Account Managers across the country, face-to-face help is just a call away.
  • If local assistance is not immediately available, please call Dealer Services (1.888.893.7937) and someone will be happy to help.
  • You can track your deals and interact with the Acquisitions Department in real time via the DealerCenter website.
  • Westlake monthly trainings help dealerships understand the system and programs better – click here to see the dealer trainings this month.

More and more dealers are looking for financing sources that can help them sell more cars. With many dealerships now carrying a larger selection of used-car inventory, finding flexible financing to help them turn their cars over fast is crucial. Westlake is the tool that fills your financing gap: with a full array of programs available, Franchise and Independent dealers will be able to finance all their customers. Sophisticated online tools and automatic approvals are just some of the reasons Franchise and Independent dealers continue to choose the Westlake Buy Program™.