Gold Program (600-699 FICO)

Westlake’s Gold Program allows dealers to provide aggressive financing options to customers with established credit history, regardless of vehicle mileage or age. The Gold Program offers loan terms up to 72 months, APRs as low as 9.99%, and low dealer fees. And just the like the Standard Program, customers with hard-to-prove incomes, open or discharged bankruptcies, and prior non-Westlake repossessions all qualify for the Gold Program.

Program Highlights:

  • No Look to Book
  • Competitive LTVs
  • 72 Month Terms
  • Hard-to-Prove incomes accepted
  • No Minimum Amount Financed
  • Up to 2% Dealer Participation only with no chargebacks
  • Maximum Loan Amount $30,000
  • No Minimum Income, Residence, Job, Bureau time
  • Prior Repossessions OK

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