Platinum Program (700+ FICO)

Dealers enjoy the approval flexibility of Westlake’s Platinum Program. The Platinum Program allows dealers to be competitive with the big banks for near-prime and prime credit customers. Like Westlake’s Gold and Standard programs, there is no vehicle mileage restriction with APR’s as low as 5.99% and loan terms up to 72 months with minimal stip requirements. Combine all this with low dealer fees and now dealers can cater to many customers with good credit buying a used or tough-to-finance vehicle.

Program Highlights:

  • APRs as low as 5.99%
  • Minimal STIP Requirements
  • Up to 72 Month Terms
  • Up to 2% Dealer Participation only with no chargebacks
  • Hard-To-Prove incomes accepted
  • No Minimum Amount Financed
  • Maximum Loan Amount $50,000
  • No Minimum Income, Residence, Job, Bureau time

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