Standard Program (0-599 FICO)

Westlake’s Standard Program gives dealers the ability to approve those hard-to-finance customers. Due to the programs approval flexibility, dealers rely on this program as the backbone to their first time buyer and sub-prime finance business. The Standard Program does not have a minimum FICO, allows open and past bankruptcies (BK’s), accepts hard-to-prove incomes, and offers competitive Loan to Value (LTVs). Loan terms extend up to 72 months and discounts drop as low as $349. No longer will you have customers walk off your lot due to lack of financing options.

  • No Look to Book
  • Competitive LTVs
  • Up to 72 Month Terms
  • Hard-to-Prove incomes types accepted
  • No Minimum Amount Financed
  • Maximum Loan Amount $30,000
  • No Minimum Income, Job Time, Residence Time, Bureau Time
  • Previous Bankruptcies and non-Westlake repossessions OK

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